About Us


William J. Marcy, Sr., the founder of our company, began his career as an electronics engineer in the Aerospace Industry. Mr. Marcy was the design engineer responsible for over 100 sub-assemblies and components used on the F-102, F-105, S3A F4 and F-14 aircraft. As Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Specialty Company, he was responsible for the design, development and manufacturing of complex electronic warfare systems for classified programs. After identifying the need for a United States service provider in the worldwide Aerospace marketplace, Mr. Marcy organized Omnia in 1970 to provide an engineering procurement office for aviation related materials. Our organization has progressed into a full line of electronics, hardware, chemicals, tooling, repair and calibration warranty services that extend across the globe into various markets.


Currently, under the leadership of our President, William J. Marcy, Jr., Omnia reaches over 350 customers worldwide. Under his guidance, Omnia successfully implemented ISO Quality Standards achieving approvals under the ISO9001, AS9120 and FAA AC-0056 programs certified by NSF-ISR. Mr. Marcy's wealth of knowledge in export licensing has been instrumental in the expansion of goods supplied for maintenance programs in the Taiwan Air Force and Singapore Air Force. In addition, Mr. Marcy acts as the account executive for support of the Rolls Royce Trent and RB211 Engine Spares. With over 30 years of vast knowledge in electronic component manufacturing, Mr. Marcy has ensured exceptional product support for Australian companies such as Auto Assemblies, Codan, BAE System's Nulka, Parakeet and Australian Submarine Programs as well as Raytheon's Advanced Warfare Destroyer program. His focus on supporting customer processes through technical expertise has lead to the increased sales growth for aircraft spare parts supporting operations at HAECO and ST Aerospace Companies.